Oh yesh B)

Well, hello there. You want to know something about me?

Well, i watch sherlock. Like ALL THE TIME! My favourite person of all time is jim moriarty ;) i have an evil 11 year old cousin, who is JUST like moriarty. Scary stuff. Oh, and i like apples! xD

Question….. about evil cousins….

Does anyone else out there have some psychotic evil cousin, or is it just me and my seriously messed up family?


Please message me if you do.

I need some reassurance that i am not going to end up dead or robbed or something…..

My life is seriously messed up…

For the love of all that is holy.

I just went to my room (too hide), and then realised i had left my phone downstairs.

LITTLE BUGGER HACKED MY FACEBOOK! There was like, 15 new posts on there. My cousin is evil. I honestly dont know how im going to survive until sunday…

Officially creeped

You remember my evil 11 year old cousin i was talking about earlier? The one that reminded me of moriarty?

Well, im staying at their house tonight. Officially.Scared.

Luckily, at the moment she is safe watching some agatha christie murder thing…. i cant even try to watch them anymore. She is constantly guessing the murderer *correctly* and criticising the murder and stuff……

Im just going to go and lock myself in the bathroom until sunday………

Quoting sherlock in my homework…

Yeah, i quoted sherlock in my homework B) i wonder if my teacher will actually know what im talking about…..

Oh well! The F will be worth while ^_^ 

11 year old Moriarty

Oh my god. Im officially freaked. I met this 11 year old girl the other day. My cousin. Scary stuff.

She actually reminded me of jim moriarty in a really weird way. Okay, dont believe me? Listen to the FACTS:

Her favourite program is sherlock, and her favourite character is Moriarty. Her computer background is a picture of him. She watches murder mystery programs ALL the time, and she always guesses the murderer. Every time. She gets bored all the time, and very angry. She is amazing at acting. She even wrote up a plan on how to get away with the perfect crime. She ACTUALLY showed it too me. She has THE scariest glare i have EVER seen. She has the highest marks in her class. She is actually insane. She ACTUALLY told me she ENJOYS being insane. Yeah. ENJOYS it.

Believe me now? Yeah, i think we have found the criminal mastermind of the future.


Yeah, you heard me. Chickens xD 

Sherlock request :)

Hello xD

The other day i read an epic fic where sherlock stays at moriartys house.

It was epicly HILARIOUS! They played harry potter video games xD

Does anyone know any other ones like this? I would give you a massive hug if you did xD 

PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE (moriarty quote LOL) 


THIS IS WAR - Sherlock Video.

Basically a remake of that famous Harry Potter video, only with scenes from Sherlock, series 2.

Please watch in HQ :)

Epicest.Video.EVER! xO i just died 

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After watching Zombieland (again) and the entire series of The Walking Dead…


I’ve determined that a fanfiction needs to exist where Sherlock and John meet post-zombie Apocalypse. John would meet Sherlock by saving him from zombies, John would be annoyed by Sherlock’s constant attempts to experiment on zombies, and Sherlock would totally have his list of rules to survive based upon his observations.

Oh, and wouldn’t it be funny if Anderson was patient zero?

Please, make this happen.

Hello :) im sorry, im new on this site so im getting used to how to use it…… (second attempt at posting something, the first attept failed) well, i have been looking for a fic like this for ages, but i havent found one about zombies really.

I found this one though. It is epic! It doesnt have zombies, but apart from that it matches up. 95 % of the population of earth is wiped out, and at the beginning john saves sherlock. http://trillsabells.livejournal.com/17075.html

I hope this was ok, i just figured it would help to give you something you could read :) and if anyone has any others, i would love to hear.

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